RethinkDB partners with DigitalOcean for one-click Horizon app deployment

Last week we announced the first release of Horizon, an open-source backend for realtime web applications. Developers can use the Horizon server and its frontend client library to build and scale realtime web applications without writing any backend code. Built on top of RethinkDB, Horizon extends the database’s built-in support for live updates all the way to the frontend.

To help you get started with Horizon right away, we worked with our friends at Digital Ocean to put together a One-Click Application. You can use it to setup Horizon on Digital Ocean, with all of the dependencies that you will need to get your application up and running. It includes RethinkDB, Node.js, the Horizon server, and Nginx. You can follow their tutorial to deploy your first Horizon application.

We’re big fans of Digital Ocean’s affordable Linux VPS hosting. The One-Click Horizon droplet provides a great environment for rapid prototyping. You can also deploy a full RethinkDB cluster on Digital Ocean when you are ready to put your application into production.

If you’re using Digital Ocean for the first time, you can use the promo code HORIZON10 to get $10 in server credit—enough to run a 1GB droplet for a month. We hope that you have an exciting voyage as you set sail toward the Horizon on Digital Ocean.