A New Dimension of Gaming

We are a blockchain infrastructure company pioneering a new dimension of gaming that belongs to its players and creators.

A New Dimension of Gaming is where digital and physical worlds come together and power a future of gaming that is more real than ever before.

Arcadeum Background


Arcadeum is an open stack and network for open virtual worlds. Built for Ethereum.

For players: the Arcadeum Wallet is a place to discover new games and a crypto wallet to securely store and manage your game items.

For developers: the Arcadeum Platform is a technology stack to enhance your games and items with blockchain technology, enabling brand new economies and player incentives.

An easy and intuitive experience for all users to play, create, and have fun.

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SkyWeaver Cover Photo


Become a SkyWeaver and pioneer a new digital dimension.

SkyWeaver is a free-to-play trading card game that unifies the best aspects of digital and physical collectible card games. SkyWeaver cards are truly yours: you can win and trade—just like physical cards. Play casually, or compete in the worldwide competition to ascend the ranks, win new cards that become your property, and become the most legendary SkyWeaver of this new digital dimension.


Core Team

Peter's the chief architect behind Horizon. Having co-founded both NuLayer and Pressly, he's passionate about creating awesome teams and powerful products. A lifelong gamer, coder, and an open source and decentralized evangelist, Pete's committed to building a better world. His favourite game is Quake III Arena.

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Peter Kieltyka

Chief Architect

Ian manages company operations so team members can focus on what they do best: Bringing games to life and crypto to the masses. Most days he's found heads-deep in data and analytics, digging up insights that help guide the company strategically. His favourite game is Settlers of Catan.

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Ian Ha

Head of Operations

William develops a great deal of the innovative architecture used by Horizon for our platform and games. A globetrotting wizard in fourth dimensional mathematics, he expands the universe through numbers and equations. He also has a decade's experience as a software engineer. His favourite game is Desert Bus.

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William Hua

Chief Scientist

Daniel spearheads the user experience of everything Horizon through design thinking and collaborative ideation. Directing a solid aesthetic across our games, he is a witty dreamer, adventurer, and above all, a true nerd gamer. His favourite game is Castlevania SOTN.

Website Art Station

Daniel Racca

Head of Design

Michael tells the Horizon story through narrative, lore, brand and marketing. His life revolves around love and play, and you’ll often find him meditating in a handstand, trekking through the jungle, or dancing in the desert at Burning Man. His favourite game is Life.


Michael Sanders

Chief Storyteller

From researching computational neuroscience to building decentralized systems, Philippe loves solving problems. At Horizon, he focuses on making games as user-friendly as possible while leveraging the strength of distributed ledger technologies. His favourite game is Dota 2.


Philippe Castonguay

Blockchain R&D

Michael is a full stack software engineer, a fan of open source and all things JavaScript. He created and sold one of the earlier card games on the Ethereum network. At Horizon, Michael helps build a new engaging game economy through decentralization and cryptocurrency. His favourite game is Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

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Michael Yu

Blockchain R&D

Ari builds both the game logic that lays the foundation for Horizon's games, and the beautiful effects you see splashing on your screen. An avid cyclist, amateur musician, and budding biohacker, he loves building compelling and visually pleasing interactive experiences. His favourite game is Super Smash Bros Melee.


Ari Lotter

Game Developer

Loves lunch. His favourite game is River City Randsom.


Corban Riley

Game developer

For a decade, Jon lived and breathed competitive card games. Then he made them. He brings an intimate understanding of game rules to Horizon in order to build something awesome for a community he loves. When he's not slinging cards, he's playing Rocket League.


Jonathon Loucks

Lead Game Designer

Salvatore likes to think outside the box’s box and dream up creative incentive models to keep players engaged. He has produced several games across a wide range of platforms. When he’s not working, he enjoys mountain hiking and various Japanese things. He is also the one writing this… hello. His favourite game is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Salvatore Grosso

Meta-Game Designer

Hanny has deep gaming industry knowledge with near decade-long experience marketing AAA games including some from the Batman Arkham, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Watch_Dogs, and Far Cry franchises. She’s new to the blockchain space and is excited for the innovations this tech can bring to video games.


Hanny Duong

Director of Marketing

Marcelo is a long-time footsoldier in this enormous war called gaming. A frustrated astronomer, weekend historian and all-around geek, Marcelo helps the community with our products. His favourite game is TES III: Morrowind.


Marcelo Suplicy

Community Manager

Tomasz is a computer pilot who turns paint strokes and key strokes into art. In real life, Tomasz enjoys painting, climbing, sailing and roller blading. His favourite game is Minecraft.


Tomasz Dysinski

Lead Game Developer

Paul Xu is a wizard without magic. His favourite game is pull requesting.


Paul Xu

App Developer

If you think everyone's out to get you it's not paranoia, it's common sense. Paranoia starts when you believe they are all conspiring. His favourite game is Planetside 2.


Maciej Lisiewski

Backend Developer

Luciano helps steer the Horizon team towards building great products. Having previously worked at Shopify and Jet Cooper, he has spent over 15 years in product UX design and management roles. Luciano is also an avid PC gamer, experienced discretionary day trader and investor. His favourite game is Arma 3: Altis Life Mod.

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Luciano Castillo

Director of Product

An inspired and passionate artist working in the video game industry for 4 years and recently plunging into freelance work. Most of her skills revolve around designing and modeling props, weapons, vehicles and creatures. She also dabbles quite a bit into illustration and visual marketing. Her favourite game is Shadow of the Colossus.

Art Station Instagram

Lauren Westlake

3D/2D Artist

Coulter is fixated on all manner of card games, with an innate love for their artwork and strategies. He works on many aspects of SkyWeaver including design, art requests, and gameplay. He also performs QA testing, card reviews, and documents strategy and design considerations. His favourite game is Magic: the Gathering.


Coulter Baker

Game Designer

Ryan Crockett

Front End Developer



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