Building the next generation of the Internet

At Horizon, we’re making blockchain easy, fun and accessible for users and developers to drive the adoption of web3 and its open, transparent and symbiotic economies.

From cryptocurrencies, NFTs and social identities to video game items, virtual real estate and digital assets not yet imagined, virtual worlds are becoming more real and valuable than ever before. We’re committed to providing billions of people with easy and secure access to this new dimension of web3, so that everyone can own, use and enjoy digital assets. And, we’re providing developers with the tools to build the next generation of Internet economies and experiences where both users and creators share in the value generated by the networks they participate in. It’s a new dimension—another layer to reality—where economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.

Our founders

We’re backed by some of the most brilliant and visionary investors in the world

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